Matthew 19:14: Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

We Welcome All.

To be a Church member is to acknowledge our allegiance to God as He is made known to us in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. This act symbolizes the conviction that we want our character and conduct to be Christ-like. It is our way of "being counted" with those who are committed to build a more Christian community.

To be a Church member is to enter a concerned fellowship. Growth in Christian understanding, the sharing of each other's burdens and joys, and the service of others in Christ's spirit - these are all part of a living fellowship of those who follow Christ - and care.

To be a Church member is to give strength and encouragement to others through common worship, prayer, study, and service. Each adds his talent or time or money or prayers to the total work of the Church.

Each ministers to the needs of all. There is inspiration in example, and joy in team work for a sacred cause.

To be a Church member is to put the ideals and love of Christ in practice in our lives, our homes, and our daily work. Our relationships with other people should be deeper and finer; we should be gladdened by goodness; we should be happy when others succeed; and we should rejoice in the triumph of right because we are members of Christ's fellowship.

To be a Church member is to find forgiveness for sins, strength for life's tasks, and assurance of a destiny worth desiring. It is to know oneself a child of the living God! If you are not a member - why not make this a call for re-consecration to the Christian way?